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Interview with Alberto Cáceres: “Our intention is to continue expanding”

Alberto Cáceres, CEO of the company TRISON, world leader in visual systems, acoustics, and scent marketing, explained the firm’s success to La Voz de Galicia.  Cáceres joined the company less than a year ago, but he already had clear that “he was joining a project of the future.”  Among his ambitious objectives, is to continue growing internationally, as well as to continue fostering the innovation to remain pioneers in the sector.

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We have twelve delegations, three in Spain and nine abroad. This year we have opened in London, and with a local partner we have commenced activity in Peru. Our intention is to continue expanding.

Exposure in European, American and Asian markets is fundamental.  They also want to open other sectors other than retail, such as corporate, hospitality, or automotive, and have already started to make a mark on this type of marketing.

Last year, they finished with a turnover of 48 million euros and for this year and the following “we are going to grow by double figures. We have already achieved this in the first 3 quarters, awaiting to close the fourth.” During this period 1,222 new projects can be added to the 7,500 accumulated over nearly 20 years of history.  The current rhythm sits at 180 a month.

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To be able to keep up with the rhythm of Inditex around the world is a guarantee<br />

If we enter into any store of the Inditex group and we pay attention to the screens, the music or the smell, we should bear in mind that digital signage solutions is the work of TRISON.  Approximately 70% of the orders made belong to the retail giant, a fact which Cáceres considers a great strength.

In addition to Inditex, in Galicia TRISON has developed projects with Abanca, and Estrella Galicia.  On an international level, they have collaborated with Ikea, New Balance, Tous, Parfois, Salsa, as well as Porsche, Toyota, Renault.  The most significant project carried out recently can be found in the transport sector in Saudi Arabia.

The growth and ambition of TRISON are palpable. “When it opened in 1999, there were only 4 people working, but this year alone they have incorporated 52 more.  It is an important growth because by simply wanting to grow internationally, requires more human resources”. Although the bulk of the production is carried out abroad, they have started to relocate some processes in Galicia.  “Having suppliers in Galicia gives you much more flexibility, because you reduce transport times and the industrial fabric fulfils our expectations. This is why we do more and more things here”.



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