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The alliance between TRISON and Inditex boosts local economy

16.03.2017 Partnerships

Inditex’s numbers are incontestable at the company level, however, being less well-known, they also give us an idea of the potential of the group when we weigh up the boost it gives to small local companies. This is the case of companies such as TRISON or Candido Hermida, both of which after years of work alongside the multinational, have achieved new clients practically around the world.

TRISON is responsible for the installation of screens and sound in stores and thanks to that introduction letter, today, we are a company active in 93 countries and more than 760 capitals.

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TRISON, supplier of Inditex in audiovisual integration since 1998

The history of inditex with its spectacular balance sheets always in positive, has resulted in the development of dozens of suppliers throughout the country, especially in Galicia.  An example of this commitment to promote local businesses is given with the confidence placed in the audiovisual integration firm TRISON, from Sada.

Its founder, Carlos Saavedra, explained how he started working for Zara back in ’98 thanks to his closeness with members of management whom he called to present a project.  “We went to let them know that we did not like the sound in the stores and that we could improve it; the then Chief Executive sent us to the decoration department, they liked the proposal so we started the following week, up to today.” He explained.

Digital signage retail

The audiovisual installations in Inditex are world renowned thanks to TRISON

“Inditex is the driving force which has given us an international vision,” highlighted Saavedra, who added: “They have even shown us how to negotiate in other countries as it is not always easy to get in.”  At the same time, the firm is supporting the creation of new jobs in Galicia, and between 10 and 15% of the audio equipment is produced in-house in Cedeira.  In addition, this year between “20 and 30% of the technology” that is being built in Asian countries will end here in the hands of its partners.



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