instalaciones audiovisuales ecoalf

Audiovisual installation for Ecoalf in Berlin

TRISON, world leader in audiovisual integration and sensory marketing, has collaborated with Ecoalf, the Madrid-based sustainable fashion company, in the opening of its flagship store in Berlin.

Following the values set by the brand, this store is located in a building that is 100% eco-efficient.  Its energy consumption has been agreed with Greenpeace, and all the materials for the decor as well as furniture are recycled. It also includes a garden.

instalaciones audiovisuales
instalaciones audiovisuales

Ecoalf Berlin is also a meeting point designed to host multimedia events

We have illuminated the store with LED technology as this operates with reduced voltage and generates minimal heat. That way, Carbon Dioxide emissions are reduced, energy is saved, light pollution is avoided and, of course, it protects the environment.

We have installed a large format screen behind the point of sale area, as well as another one in the form of a column which, in addition to transmitting messages such as “ACT NOW”, it serves as lighting.

instalaciones audiovisuales

A structure of three LED screens has also been implanted in the shop window, where audiovisual material is displayed about the production process at Ecoalf.It shows the transformation of garbage into raw materials to make fabrics for their garments, 100% recycled.

ecoalf y las instalaciones audiovisuales de trison
ecoalf berlin led

All of the products offered by TRISON are certified in Environmental management, as well others in quality.  The firm stands out in its training on Environmental awareness given to all its workers, as well as taking measures in pollution prevention and the effective use of materials and energy resources.



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