equipos de sonido profesional

Sound and image equipment in 100 countries

15.01.2017 Acoustics

Complete audio and image systems packed and ready to be sent to destinations as diverse as Russia, Kazakhstan, India, China, The United States, demonstrate the intense activity in digital signage solutions maded by  Trison from their warehouse in Bergondo (La Coruña).  This Galician Company about to complete 20 years in the market, under the wing of Inditex, has converted itself in a fundamental piece in the technological.

equipos de sonido profesional

We are a firm that offers its products to other businesses, including hardware and software services, experiences in point of sale using apps, and soon we will be incorporating the output provided by big data to the marketing departments of the firms to which we allocate our resources.


That is the idea with which this “global, but with a Galician Philosophy” company works.


Who defines this is the President of Trison, Carlos Saavedra.  Two decades ago he understood that it was necessary to incorporate image to sound, and thus the beginning of what the specialised jargon call dynamic marketing.  To further understand it: Large screens are used to decorate stores, shopping centres, Car dealerships and food halls.  They are not only decorative, but they are of great sales value as well.


If accompanied by sound and aromas “the client feels more at ease and can identify with the brand, will spend more time on the premises; which by the end of the year will have a positive impact on results”, claims Saavedra.


With the exception of the product sold by the company, “our equipment is the most visible part and the benefits they provide can increase sales of between 17% and 35 %”, confirms the head of Trison.


Although the company considered the fifth most important company in its sector, active in 88 countries, with over 240 employees (115 in Galicia and 800 collaborating companies worldwide, owes its expansion to Inditex, currently responsible for up to 70% of its profits.

equipos de sonido profesional en trison

Thousands of stores belonging to the multinational textile giant are equipped with Trison’s audio and video equipment.

Estrella Galicia, Tous, Gocco, Sephora, Hotels such as baobab and Miramar or the shopping centre Nevada Shopping are all part of an extensive portfolio of clients.  With delegations in Barcelona, China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Mexico, U.S.A and Russia, the Galician company is about to open a new space in London, “where we hope to become a model to follow in Europe”, claims Saavedra.  And in spite of Brexit, as they have been working on this project for more than a year, they have been installed in the British capital for the last eight years.

Its policy on internationalization coincides with its plan to bring production back to Galicia.

While it true that both R&D and engineering are developed predominantly in its Galician production plant, the equipment is made in Asia.  However, for the last two years, there has been a turnaround.  A company in Cedeira produces speakers “with incredible technical results, at a reasonable price”, and in image “before the first half of 2017 is finished we intend to have assembled the LED technology and transparent screens here, at least 10% of our production.

As an efficient company, internationally renowned with a turnover of 50 million euros, Trison looks after its staff.  It has a program which allows flexibility in the work-life balance, “The economic results are not just a success to the business, to it you must add the satisfaction of the human team.” States Saavedra.



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