Corporate social responsibility

We are fully aware that business have an obligation to impact positively, contributing to the development, transformation and enhancement of our world.
Here at Trison we are therefore committed to contributing ongoing improvements that will make a real difference to our employees, stakeholders, customers and the environment.
Very few companies operating in our sector have adopted a socially-oriented strategic vision rooted in sustainable development. This, together with a series of other initiatives, has positioned us at the forefront of Corporate Social Responsibility practices and their application.

The core elements of our responsibility

A commitment to environmental management systems and full compliance with ISO 14001 standards. Our undertaking in this area is reflected in the Environment Report, which is also in line with our transparency in information processing and procedures.

Full compliance with OHSAS 18001 regulations, prioritising personal safety and environmental care above all other organisational considerations.
Our protocol to combat Harassment in the Workplace is a core element of our workplace relations and a means of guaranteeing compliance against discrimination.

We work with local associations and cooperate with campaigns and organisations with social objectives.

Committed to our suppliers

Suppliers are not only bound by our ethical values but also benefit from them, together with our customers, employees and society in general.

We guarantee our company’s quality, environmental and safety standards, criteria that are therefore taken into consideration when selecting, monitoring and appraising our suppliers. All incidents related to our standards will have a direct impact on a supplier’s internal accreditation.

Health and Safety

Occupational risk prevention and promoting health are one of our key goals.

We have applied a Workplace Health and Safety Management system in line with OHSAS 18001:2007 specifications.

The environment

As with the question of quality, our aim in this area is to comply with the strictest standards, above and beyond the in-depth analysis of environmental impact.

Our goal is to comply fully with the highest environmental management standards.


We have a Quality Management system in line with ISO 9001:2015 standards

Information security

We hold ISO/IEC 27001:2014 certification, reflecting our determined commitment to managing and protecting information assets, based on the application of our ISMS system in accordance with the terms and conditions of this regulation.

Business continuity

Our business is protected against any incidents that may interrupt our activity, thereby limiting the likelihood thereof and guaranteeing the company’s recovery.



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