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The digital revolution of the car dealership

20.06.2018 Led Screeens

It’s been a long time since the digital revolution arrived to the automobile sector, firstly through their vehicles, and now we can also see it in their point of sales. The “digital car” will soon be a reality.  In fact, our cars are increasingly equipped with more technology, a natural consequence of the evolution of society, accustomed to “smart” objects as well as digital.

Artificial Intelligence is our new travel partner. Some brands have installed voice assistants that learn from the user, something similar to Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa or the google assistant. To activate them it is as easy as just having an application on your smartphone. We no longer need to insert and turn a key to switch the motor on, as through a system of sensors, the simple fact of having the key close by is enough to allow the car to be started by simply pushing an ON/OFF button.

The product changes, the client changes, and with that the network of car dealerships must evolve towards a more digital experience.

digitalizacion de empresas

Digital Customer Journey

As published in a study made by Google, 90% of users consult the Internet to decide which car model is most suited to their needs and preferences. For this reason, when the customer arrives at the dealership, they are not looking for a technical sale, but to enjoy a sensorial experience. They want to “feel” the car through touching the different finishings and upholstery, see and choose the colour, and feel the comfort of the seats, doors and interior, to finally decide on one car or another. Furthermore, if the model they wish to see is not physically in the showroom, the technology of the dealership allows them to customise and develop their choice in real time, in an accurate and agile manner.

digitalizacion de empresas

The transformation of the dealership affects all brands within all segments these days. The location of the point of sale, the concept of exterior space (more urban, more retail), the product display and sales showroom, sales support or the moment of the handover, are all questioned now. The after-sale service or the webpage are also factors to be taken into account. It is a transformation that has been imposed by a consumer who is now more informed, more connected and who demands an Omni-channel brand experience.

digitalizacion de empresas

The audiovisual solutions open up infinite options for the client and for the brands. In terms of the client, the use of well integrated technology through touch screens, large format LED screens, informative totems or holograms, are an element of attraction and use. They allow access to the complete range of vehicles and possible settings options, taking it a step further than what the physical space permits. In terms of brands, the integration of technology aids them in getting to know user habits (heat maps and tracking) of those visiting the dealership at the same time that they offer more services and products than are physically present (virtual configurators, immersive screens, virtual reality etc.). It therefore enables a memorable client experience.




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