la señalizacion digital con alberto caceres

Alberto Cáceres is interviewed in “Marca España” for RTVE

How many times have we gone to buy clothes, purchased a car, or gone to eat in a restaurant, and we have noticed  that some displays  announces the latest news or the menu of the day through a digital signage example?


This marketing is the work of TRISON, a world leader in audiovisual integration and sensory marketing.

Founded in La Coruña 19 years ago and with only four employees, it is already represented today by 10 delegations around the world and is active in more than 100 countries.

This was how they presented TRISON on the Spanish National Radio “Marca España”, with its CEO Alberto Cáceres. He explained in the interview the position of the company, the most curious innovations they carry out, emphasising scent marketing, as well as the most interesting challenges they have faced in their projects.

"Innovation is the fundamental value of our company"

“If you enter an Inditex store as one of our clients, probably the sound you hear has been carried out by us, the smell you perceive is through the TRISON aromatisation system, and the screens you see have also been installed by us”, All of them are digital signage example ,relates Cáceres while speaking about the type of integral projects that they develop.  He also explains their beginnings alongside the giant, Inditex, with whom they have travelled and continue travelling around the world.

señalizacion digital de trison

“Innovation is the fundamental value of our company”, emphasised by the CEO, who stops to talk of one of the company’s most curious subsidiaries: Akewuele, responsible for scent marketing.  “We want to communicate the values of the brands through the sense of smell”. He explains that through workshops with the top management of the firms with which they work, they manage to find aromas that represent their values. “Smell is the most primitive sense that exists, and which recalls the most memories”.


In their initial stages, they specialised in acoustics, however, since the beginning of this new decade, the audiovisual sector has taken more importance.  “In 2012 we saw the beginning of the digitalisation of spaces and the surge of sales online.  The brands want to connect the online world with the offline and their physical spaces.  Therefore the digitalization of these spaces is an excellent tool”. In this digitalisation, TRISON is an expert and a great partner for develop digital signage example.


With a capacity and presence unique at an international level, and with its own products that stand 2 years ahead of the market, the firm has become an entity unique and different from its competitors.  “We have certain distinctive features that make us different, such as our specialisation in fixed installations and retail.” For this reason they have just opened a new headquarters in London, one of the most technologically advanced capitals.


Referring to the most interesting projects that they have faced, Cáceres recalls in this digital signage example “an 18 metre high transparent screen installed on an anti-seismic system in Japan.  We have installed systems in Sudan, Iceland, and in a shopping centre in St. Petersburg, where we worked in conditions of 30 degrees below zero and 2 hour shifts for the workers.  Even just recently, last year in Saudi Arabia, we built the largest curved screen in the world.


Thanks to the good work done by TRISON, the future of the sector and of the Galician company is moving towards “where we have built our company, not by chance but with a vision of the future”.  Its three fundamental objectives are “to continue fostering innovation, international expansion in all markets, and open ourselves to new markets.” Each day “the projects are bigger and we have to approach them professionally, as we do”.



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