Digital signage solutions

Digital Signage solutions, spectacular growth in 2017

The investment in Digital Signage solutions in Spain grew by 9.1% in 2017, the second largest increase in the sector after mobile advertising, which rose by 15.9%, according to data published by the Zenith Vigía panel, made up of media executives based in Spain.

The latest wave of the report “Digital Signage Business Climate Index” (DBCI), carried out by DSF Europe and Invidis Consulting, has revealed that almost 80% of companies in the sector in Spain have “very positive expectations for the coming months, with a clear rise in projects underway taking this digital signage example

Many of these studies can be endorsed with this type of platform in the stores, thus being able to ask the user and obtain data of this interaction for the purchase process


Nowadays, information reaches customers very quickly. It’s very difficult to capture the attention of customers, so the Digital Signage for companies can help users interact in the shops.

Studies support that the integration of these platforms motivates the consumer to interact with them, which leads to benefits such as avoiding crowds in the payment queues.

Digital Signage para retail
Digital Signage para retail zara

Digital Signage solutions. Synonym of innovation and center of the interactive experience

IAB Spain (Interactive Advertising Bureau), the advertising, marketing and digital communication association, indicates in its “IV Annual Digital Signage Study” that 90% of those surveyed state that digital signage solutions are the type of advertising which transmits numerous qualities such as modernity and innovation, whilst for 88% of the sample it represented differentiation and originality.

Likewise, 88% are more attracted to their creative content.  91% of those surveyed believe the advertised brand image is improved, while for 83%, it gives a more modern and innovative image.  71% believe they are remembered for a longer period of time.

The main reasons to interact with digital advertising are the incentives, such as offers and competitions, stated by 18% of those surveyed. This was followed by 16% of the sample who chose an interesting, useful and high quality content.

Finally, the ability to interact with an interactive catalogue is one of the most valued elements in digital advertising as confirmed by 43% of the sample. 14% considered it to be the ability to buy using a touch screen.



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