omnicanalidad en retail

When Omni-Channelling is no longer trendy

28.06.2018 Acoustics

Until recently, everybody wanted to be Omni-Channel. Once becoming accustomed to such a desired concept, the term single-channel reappears, but in a totally different way to what we have previously understood by the term. In the same way that the sector evolves, so to do the concepts that are applied to the activity. As leaders in innovation technology, in TRISON we understand that this “new single-channel” is a homogeneous communication. The different channels (elements such as the physical store, web, social networks…) should be telling clients the same story so that clients do not perceive any difference between them, and this converting the various channels into what appears to be one.

In doing so, it strengthens the development and consolidation of the brand, and moreover the personalised experience of the user capturing their loyalty in the process. Regardless of the channel used, the consumer should feel special: down-to-earth attention, possibility of choice, complete integration of the different channels in the whole purchasing process.

For that reason, the key account clients with whom we work, are already using this form of communication, and as the firm responsible for the digitalisation of their spaces around the world, we accompany them all the way.

There is no doubt that the purchasing process has evolved and, above all in the last few years, it has reinvented itself.  The different digitalisation processes have impacted, are impacting and will continue to do so on the sector, modifying the way the brands present themselves, as well as changing the way that we shop and purchase.

omnicanalidad en retail

Convert necessity into leisure time

Whilst on the online channel, speed is of the essence, the physical store will be central to the emotional aspect. The client still wants to see the product, touch it, interact and experiment with it. They want to live and breathe the brand. Therefore, the shopping experience must be unforgettable.

Thanks to new technologies the consumer experience can be strengthened, and at TRISON we provide our clients with the tools necessary to perfect their sales strategies in physical spaces, such as: Sensorisation to learn about client behaviour, interactive fitting rooms that include buying suggestions, tools that measure satisfaction at the point of sales, or the possibility to access the inventory of products and purchase them, even if they are not in stock at the store at that moment.

This is where a good management of single-channelling comes into play, and thanks to it, the user will experience the brand in a unique and special way.  It is necessary to study what the client needs, and define the messages without forgetting the human relationship.  Likewise, making use of the technology in order to offer personal, memorable and valuable experiences.  This will help the commitment of the user with the brand to grow and strengthen.

The millennials, as natives to the digitalised era, are consumers that demand that technology forms part of their day routine.  They do not feel threatened by facial detection, sensorisation, or artificial intelligence.  They are in fact pleased that the brands use such solutions to improve the buying experience.

It is no secret that the single-channel will end up reaching all sectors, sooner or later.  The first are, without a doubt, those whose consumers and business model rapidly change, as is the case of the automotive and retail sectors.


Opinion article by Ignacio Alonso, CMSO & Strategy at TRISON. 




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