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The present Privacy Policy regulates the collection and use of the personal data provided by the user when they access and make use of the service available on the website found at the following URL: (hereinafter, the website).

Whenever the use or request of any service, where the disclosure of personal information is necessary, the users will guarantee its veracity, accuracy, authenticity, and validity. It is therefore the responsibility of the user to maintain up to date such information, in order to remain accurate at all times.

Trison Europe, S.L.U. registered NIF: B15692494 (hereinafter, TRISON or the owner, used interchangeably) is responsible for the use of the data. Their address is Cl. Espíritu Santo 72B, 15168 Espíritu Santo (Sada), A Coruña, as owners of the website , they will use the information for the purposes stipulated below.

Data collection, purpose, legitimacy base and retention duration:

a. Contact: The user can contact TRISON, following the indications given in the section “Contact” on the website, to make requests, suggestions, complaints or any other generic communication. The data provided by the user will be used by the owner to respond to the requests and/or communications, and to get in contact with the user. The legitimacy base of this use is sustained by the consent given by the user. The information will be retained for 12 months, unless an alternative period has been stated

b. How can we help?: The user can request that TRISON supplies them with specific information regarding their services, via the section designed for that purpose on the website. Depending on the main issue in the request, various contact links will be provided: “Start a project”, “collaborate”, “Supplier”, “call me”. The identifying data and the contact details provided will be used by the owner to deal with the user’s requests, make contact with them, and offer them the requested information.
The legitimacy base of this use is sustained by the consent given by the user. The information will be retained for 12 months, unless an alternative period has been stated.

Publicity purposes and special use

a. Newsletter: If the user places their e-mail in the corresponding field on the form “newsletter”, TRISON will send the latest events periodically. The legitimacy base of this use is sustained by the consent given by the user. This information will be retained until the user cancels their subscription to our newsletter.

b. Publicity related to the contracted services: When the user requests the services of Trison, the latter can send commercial material related to the services contractually agreed. The legitimacy base of this use is sustained by the legitimate interest of the owner. The information will be retained for a duration of five years, unless the user opposes such action before the due expiration date, or if an alternative duration time has been applied.

c. Publicity by TRISON: Only in the case of explicit consent by the user, the information provided will be used by TRISON to send commercial communication via electronic media about our services. The legitimacy base of this use is sustained by the consent given by the user. The information will be retained for 12 months, unless an alternative period has been stated.

d. Cookies: The website uses technology to implant files known as cookies onto the computer or device that is being used to access and visit the website. The cookies can be blocked or deactivated at any moment using the options on the browser settings. If you would like more information please consult our Cookie Policy. The legal base for the use of such information is sustained by the consent of the user. The period of which the information will be retained depends on the cookie in question. The duration varies, or until the user eliminates the cookie from their computer or device.

Data communication

Whenever necessary, and in order to respond to the user’s requests, TRISON can communicate your personal details to the companies within the business group that TRISON belongs to, in order to provide the user with the information and attention that they require. These companies are:

  • CARTERA TRISON, S.L., with a registered NIF B87483731
  • TRISON EUROPE, S.L.U., with a registered NIF B15692494

All of the above have their address registered at: Polígono Industrial de Bergondo, Nave R-10, Lubre, 15165, Bergondo, A Coruña.

Only in cases when the user explicitly consents, TRISON can send your personal details and contact information to other companies within their business group, mentioned above, for the purpose of sending commercial material via electronic media about their services and/or products.

Exercise your rights

The user can revoke consent for the use of their information, exercising their right to the access, modification, suppression, portability, opposition and limitation of its use, by informing TRISON via E-mail at

, or in writing to the address mentioned above, and indicating the reference “Data Protection”. In both cases, the communication sent should be accompanied by official documentation which permits the correct identification, and thus avoiding access to your data by any other third parties. Finally, the user can communicate any modification in writing, or request its removal from the database, by indicating so, to any of the given addresses. At any moment the user can make a claim to the Control Authority.

Modification of the Privacy Policy

Trison reserves the right to modify its privacy policy at any time, respecting current legislation in data protection material and with previous communication to the interested parties.

Language applicable to the present Privacy Policy

The language applicable to this Privacy Policy is Spanish, and any other version of said policy in a language other than Spanish is merely for the comfort of the user and to facilitate its understanding. However, the Spanish version of the Privacy Policy will always be the legitimate version in effect.

Therefore, if any contradiction of terms between the Privacy Policy of any language and its original Spanish version, the latter will always prevail.



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