TRISON wins the prize for Best Technological Innovation in the “Tu Economia” Awards by La Razón

07.06.2018 Events

Design and implement comprehensive solutions to create more friendly spaces and technologies that help enrich the user experience, is the primary objective of TRISON.  The company has been awarded the prize for Best Technological Innovation in the “Tu Economia” Awards by the newspaper La Razón.  Celebrating their 4th edition, these awards recognise the work of 11 companies and professionals that, through effort and courage, have contributed to achieving the most dynamic national economy in the European Union.

premio razon innovacion tecnologica


Given the changes in consumers and consumer behaviour, the firm looks for a way to provide this added value which would catch them.  Through technology we can strengthen the customer experience, and here is where the firm comes into its own.  They are specialised in the digitalisation of spaces and in the creation of audiovisual experiences and scent marketing.

This generates brand image, attracts clients to the point of sale, analyses behaviour, enables the purchase, and produces a memorable positive experience.  How do they achieve all this?  By knowing their customers, through understanding their habits, preferences and reactions.

They take advantage of the memory of our senses, with special attention paid to sight, sound and smell.  Through smell they can transmit the brand’s values, create an impact on the memory to produce emotional and cognitive reactions by the consumer as well as behaviour that favours and stimulates the purchase.

The company is fully aware that the future is taking us to a world of data management which enables us to offer the client exactly what they are looking for.  TRISON has at its disposal, tools to perfect its strategies for selling in a physical space, such as sensor systems that analyse client behaviour, interactive changing rooms that include purchase suggestions, satisfaction evaluation at the point of sale, or the possibility of accessing product inventory and means of purchase, even when the article is not present in the store.  Furthermore, concepts such as Omni-channels and artificial intelligence, linked with the sector, are slowly gaining importance.

The markets that have the most digitalised establishments to date are fast-food restaurants, hotels, retail, and banking.  The firm currently provides solutions to large and medium sized businesses in the retail, automotive, hospitality, and corporate sectors.  In the future, thanks to the evolution of consumer habits, this type of technological integration will reach all types of establishments.

Others awarded by “La Razón” are Telecom, CIE Automotive, Cre100do, Octaviano Palomo S.A, Borja Váquez, Viajes El Corte Inglés, Altadis, Viesgo, Housers and Rafael del Pino.




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