marketing olfativo audi

Scent Marketing for Audi

“Love is in the air”.  With this slogan the new Audi A3 Cabrio was presented, and to launch the new advertising campaign we carried out some scent marketing that nobody would forget; the creation of “air” with a name of gold.

Olfactory marketing used to promote a convertible car by recreating the smell of the landscape, only possible in a car of these characteristics.





Scent Marketing






The Challenge

An aromatic game.  Where would you like to go on holiday with the Audi A3 Cabrio?  We had to identify the smells of the possible answers to this question.  Once identified, we needed to be able to create the smell and then produce it in various formats.

Marketing olfativo AUDI
Marketing olfativo Scent Marketing. TRISON Fragancia y aromatización para retail

The Solution

The following scents are associated with such journeys: Mediterranean Breeze, gusts of wind in Finisterre, The air of La Mancha and the currents of Tarifa.  We obtained an aroma for each of these routes and each of the aromas were sealed into carefully designed cans.  We then created a vending machine that via an interactive totem, supplied cans in the given language.

marketing olfativo audi en lata

The result

4 aromas in two formats, fans that emanate a light perfume to remind us of the selected destiny.  The other consists in canning the air so that you can open it and breathe in the chosen aroma whenever you want, to recall a trip in a convertible car.


Marketing olfativo AUDI

A scent marketing experience undertaken in Barcelona airport consisted in exhibiting a vending machine so that passengers could state their tastes and priorities during an “ideal trip” to take in the new Audi model.

Marketing olfativo para coche

The perfume vending machine combined the tastes of the user and selected a can with the most appropriate can to the results given.  Thank you Audi for understanding that scent marketing is one of the best ways of promoting a product and for being able to emotionally identify with the clients.



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