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TRISON digitalizes the “Lagoh” shopping center, the largest in Seville

TRISON, working alongside NECSUM TRISON, its subsidiary in Bilbao, has participated in the digitalization of the new largest shopping center “Lagoh” in Seville. This project transforms millions of pixels into unforgettable digital experiences, opening new avenues for innovation in the world of digital signage.


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The shopping center 3.0

NECSUM TRISON was in charge of conceptualizing, designing and carrying out this exclusive digital project where technology can be experienced and shared in a way that is nowhere else to be found. Each and every detail has been nimbly taken care of and digitalized, from its central fountain that was conceptualized to be a touristic attraction to its elevators that feature transparent LED screens.

Holograms and digital architecture

A hologram fountain takes the spotlight in the shopping center’s 6,000 m2 lake where every night, people can witness an immersive digital show that combines video, digital art, surround sound, lights and special effects.

Customers are welcomed inside by digital architecture elements at the front of every floor, where delicate pieces of digital art with a Sevillian touch invite visitors to experience digital signage like never before.

The shopping center’s elevators also feature digital elements that make use of transparent display technology, which help achieve a “WOW effect” through digital content that transmits the buoyancy of the objects shown in them.

A large interactive cylinder that offers experiences designed to stir up emotions and new forms of entertainment where the visitor becomes the main character. Everything is possible in this 360º cylinder full of joy, from launching video effects to dedicating messages to friends.



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