aromatizacion de espacios

Scent marketing to connect with Gocco’s clientele

A modern but elegant children’s and youth firm, with a just a touch of casual and informal.  If we translate this concept to fashion and an aromatic language, how would GOCCO smell?

TRISON (via akewuele) has been responsible for the olfactory marketing of three GOCCO stores. Two in Madrid and one more in A Coruña.

aromatización de espacios gocco

TRISON is responsible for aromatizing numerous GOCCO stores

For GOCCO, working on a sensorial marketing strategy has shown to be highly beneficial in order to build brand loyalty among its target market (children and teenagers). As children, we register in our memory many scents of places and moments that, over time, we remember or even relive thanks to those scents.

The most interesting about the development of a corporate fragrance for this firm is that the target market will enjoy the sensorial shopping experience, having fun, and being entertained through the aromatisation of the store while they shop with their families.

aromatizacion de espacios con niños
aromatizacion de espacios con niña

The sense of smell is the most hidden, invisible and unintuitive sense in our conscience as it has a gift for registering in our unconscious, seducing us silently. During childhood, in some way, we register endless emotions and experiences through our sensory perceptions.

Mums and dads can enjoy as well! GOCCO’s objective is that smell will make shopping entertaining.  For that reason, GOCCO has opted for a citrus fragrance that transmits joy, fun, energy, positivity, and at the same time, purity and delicacy.



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