Comprehensive acoustics that will bring alive any space


Imagine a commercial space without music. Would it be the same?

sonorizacion de un local

Background music in public places and shopping centres is so common that it would seem unusual for there to be silence.  Our clients wouldn’t like to hear people’s conversations or the rubbing of coat hangers. Music, and the professional or high end acoustic systems have been converted into a silent seller capable of creating and modifying ambience and improving the client experience.

A good acoustic outfitting improves any environment, whether it be work, or places where people meet, such as restaurants, concerts and events, hotels, airports, train stations, shopping centres, car dealerships, hospitals and museums etc.

acustica integral
Acustica integral

Vanguard materials

Top end brands as well as own brand production guarantees the best sound anywhere and even in the most complicated acoustic circumstances.

The most advanced sound

We have an I+D sound laboratory to undertake periodic testing on equipment in order to evaluate the performance.

Acoustic comfort

Sound insulation using acoustic panels or acoustic absorbing materials in the interior, to achieve a better sound and maximum comfort.

Trust us.



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