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R&D to create unique sensorial experiences


Offline businesses will only survive if they can offer experiences that the Internet cannot reproduce. We create those experiences.

Integración audiovisual

Technology has shaken up all sectors and is consequently changing consumer habits.  The borders between the physical and online are barely noticed, making way for the omni-channel concept.


Whilst online figures multiply each year, retailers and other sectors who deal with final consumers are designing new sales spaces with the aim of offering a personal experience, memorable and valuable, which makes the client feel more committed to the brand.

TRISON Soluciones audiovisales
TRISON Soluciones audiovisales

Interactive mirrors

Interactive mirrors help the client to complete the purchase by offering other sizes, colours, and accessories… which at the same time eases the work of staff in the store.

Queue management

The turn management, queue control and the automatic checkouts are the latest trend in retail. It is a win-win technology as it makes life easier for both the client and the retailer.

Data analysis

Advanced analysis and loT sensorization devices are the most effective way to maximise the hardware. The retail of the future uses Big Data.

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