Scent Marketing

Personalised aromatisation and fragances for all types of spaces


Why is it that 80% of investment in advertising worldwide is visual, when 75% of our everyday sensations are influenced by our sense of smell?  

Marketing olfativo

The human memory is not conditioned by time, but by emotions.  A simple aroma is able to transport us to remote places in our memory.  There lies the magic of Akewuele.  The use of smell as a new channel of communication, much more powerful than sight or sound, to revive emotions and feelings through scent marketing techniques.

Akewuele is a division of TRISON specialised in aromatising spaces and creating corporate fragrances with the intention of achieving a unique buying experience and of generating positive memories that will last in our memories.

Marketing olfativo y Scent Marketing
Marketing olfativo

Personalised fragrances

We have our own laboratory to create odotypes and for quality control, perfumers up to date with the latest tendencies, and aroma professionals that create the personalised formula.

Aromatising spaces

We have aromatised spaces in more than 16 countries using fragrance dispenser machines, directly inside the space or through the air-conditioning unit.

Buying experience

The techniques of scent marketing increases client attendance, improves the buyer experience at the point of sale, and boosts sales using an olfactory atmosphere.

Trust us.



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