TRISON boosts its audio-visual integration offer with the creation of ‘Necsum part of Trison’

TRISON has now taken its bid to deliver a unique value proposal for the transformation of physical spaces a stage further with the launch of ‘Necsum part of TRISON’ – a team specialised in generating experiences through interactive digital art.

The new company, which will be operating under the TRISON umbrella trade name, incorporates creativity, technology and innovation into digital architecture, lighting art, the creation of spectacular visual content and special effects. The team includes specialists in digital design, copy, digital art, interactivity, lighting, sound and FX, as well as interior designers, architects and engineers. The team is already immersed in the conceptualisation, design and production of integral turnkey projects for shopping malls, retail outlets, airports and leisure centres, as well as international events and shows.

The new team has provided TRISON with the opportunity to add to its already extensive global offer targeting the digitalisation of physical spaces, audio-visual integration and sensorial marketing solutions. TRISON’S CEO, Alberto Cáceres explained that “the launch of ‘Necsum part of TRISON’ and the creation of a team with outstanding expertise in interactive digital art has raised the stakes in terms of the sophistication of the group’s unique offer and capacity to deliver memorable customer experiences that combine technology, integral digitalisation and sensorial marketing solutions in their broadest sense”.

Within the current context of the global digital transformation that extends to all economic sectors, companies are focused on establishing deeper connections with their customers at points of sale and contact. Physical spaces are being reinvented, and the key lies in the quest for hybrid experiences that combine state-of-the-art technologies with the creativity and emotions that have a major impact on customer experiences and financial results. This ambitious objective is not merely limited to the retail sector, but also includes industries such as banking, energy, insurance, health, automation and public administrations.

One of the first projects in which TRISON has deployed its new interactive skills in collaboration with Necsum is the recently opened Lagoh shopping mall in Seville. This retail centre, which is spearheading future trends in shopping malls, features a number of giant digital screens, a vast interactive vertical LED cylinder and a large outdoor fountain offering a light and sound show crafted especially for the mall. When it came to designing the core elements, the creative concepts were intrinsically linked to delivering a uniquely innovative customer experience, filling the space with a narrative rich in those elements that are the hallmarks of Seville’s culture and the architecture of the space itself.



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