expansion internacional de una empresa

We continue to expand with new premises

Trison continues its internationalisation project with the opening of new premises in England and Germany; a showroom in Munich and a spectacular office in London, to be precise.

soluciones audiovisuales

We have opened offices in London and Munich with the aim of continuing to offer experience and services globally

This year Trison has grown a little more with the opening of offices in London and Munich.  The objective of which is to continue to offer our digital signage solutions, as well as a customer service to retailers worldwide.

The media has called us the dj of Inditex, due to the fact that since xxx we have taken on almost all of the audiovisual projects and installations for the company, owner of brands such as Zara, Bershka etc..

Since our founding 20 years ago, we have carried out consultancy and audiovisual installations in 93 countries, and we are working with almost 2.000 strategic partners around the world. We are the main worldwide supplier of audiovisual solutions for the Inditex group.

expansion internacional de oficinas

We have had the opportunity to get involved in projects of an enormous magnitude, such as the installation of the largest interactive screen in the World, in Riyadh.  This gives you an indication of our character as a global business.

Big fashion brands such as Parfois, Tous, Loewe, Gocco or Sephora have put their trust in us to develop their audiovisual projects in stores, flagship stores or pop-up stores.  We have constructed enormous audiovisual integration installations in shopping centres and department stores. We are also suppliers in sectors such as tourism and finance.

We develop 360º projects to cover the complete field of sensory marketing: From the acoustics, Digital Signage to LEDS and visuals, through to Scent marketing. The objective is the development of projects that improve the experience of the people who immerse themselves in the spaces transformed by our projects.

With these new offices in London and Munich, our goal is to offer our experience in audiovisual installations to foreign retailers, in particular the United Kingdom and Northern Europe.

expansion interenacional en Londres

Another of our medium-term objectives is expansion throughout Latin America, where due to the high demand in audiovisual installations, we have been established in Mexico for the last 4 years. Within the next few years we will have finished preparing the infrastructure for two new offices in Peru and Chile, as well as extending our business in Latem.

All of these offices will add to the company’s extensive international infrastructure.  Trison, which maintains its head office in Sada (A Coruña), currently has offices in Barcelona, Miami, Mexico city, Sao Paulo, Moscow, Seoul, Tokyo, Kunshan (China) and Taiwan. The company also boasts four showrooms in cities such as New York.

If to this you add a logistics network spanning five countries, you get the world’s leading company in audiovisual integration and scent marketing projects.



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