zara tienda online londres

TRISON manages to integrate technology into Zara that will revolutionise the stores of the future

Zara has reaped what was once sown by Amazon GO by opening its own new pop store, specialised in e-commerce, in a Shopping centre in London. The store will be open temporarily in Stratford as a test store, while the Inditex group is reforming the new flagship which will be inaugurated in May in Westfield Shopping Centre.  This Physical store will only allow the customer to purchase online.

Although it may seem a contradiction in terms, the initiative does make sense: a step towards hybridization, increasingly latent, of the digital world with traditional commerce.

zara tienda online londres
zara tienda online londres

The new Zara allows you to select the collections, order the clothes, and collect them in less than 12 hours

This innovative retail space is equipped with intelligent mirror-screens that scan the physical garments, show available colours, and suggest other related garments from the brand’s catalogue in order to complete the look.  The sales staff have tablets (or other mobile devices) to help customers, and payment can be made via sales terminals connected via Bluetooth, with no need to queue at the cash desk.

What seems to be a thing of the future, is a trend brought about by the unstoppable growth in online shopping.  In TRISON we have joined this movement through the installation of the most advanced technology which positively favours the user’s experience.  On this occasion we are responsible for the integration of three large LED 2.6 screens for the shop window and the interior of the pop-up-store, two mirror screens with JogoRoom technology that scan the garments via RFID codes, and an impeccable audio system.

zara tienda online londres

The stores of the future are already part of the present, something undeniable. But has it come to stay? Without a doubt it is an attractive, innovative, and ground-breaking experience, but we still have to await to see final consumer behaviour, and if this new shopping experience is useful.

Will “pop-ups” form part of the new retail landscape and, above all, will companies have the logistical muscle power to be able to give a personalised service to the client wherever and whenever they want?



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